Differentiated quality labels DOP (BOB), IGP (BGA), ETG (GTS)

 The European Quality Policy recognizes and protects the names of certain specific products linked to a territory or a production method.

This recognition is translated into quality logos that allow the identification of products of differentiated quality in the EU and, through specific controls, also guarantee their authenticity. Two of them have geographical connotations; protected designation of origin (or PDO) and protected geographical indication (or PGI).

The third concerns traditional production methods; traditional specialty guarantee (or TSG).

A product that DOP logo, has shown that it has properties that are only possible thanks to the natural environment and the skills of the producers of the production area to which it is linked. Unlike the PGI, PDO products require that all stages of the food production process take place in the relevant area.

If a product has the logo of it IGP contains a specific characteristic or reputation that associates it with a particular area in which at least one stage of the production process takes place.

In the meantime, the logo is a guaranteed traditional specialty (GTS) intended to distinguish products that are tied to certain production methods, such as traditional methods and/or traditional ingredients.


Finally, the European Union also stands out with high-quality logo products of organic farming which can be simply described as a production method that preserves soil structure and fertility, promotes a high level of animal welfare and excludes the use of synthetic chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides and antibiotics . These farmers use techniques that help maintain our ecosystem, reduce pollution in food processing. We therefore only work with a very limited number of additives and aids.

In this way, look for these quality logos on the food label and know what you are buying if you value quality, origin and tradition in addition to a delicious taste!


Differentiated quality labels for Spanish ham are:

For the Iberico ham:

DOP Los Pedroches

DOP Jabugo

DOP Guijuelo

DOP Dehesa from Extremadura






                      CAP JABUGO



                CAP GUIJUELO


For the white ham: 

DOP Teruel

IGP Trevélez

ETG Jamon Serrano 

             CAP TERUEL

          IGP TREVÉLEZ