“At the Ham Academy we are convinced that the more knowledge you have of a product, the more you will love and enjoy it”
The Ham Academy offers training and courses on Spanish ham, tailor-made and on site

The Ham Academy is an independent training center for professionals and individuals who want to broaden their knowledge of Spanish Jamón – Spanish ham and want to learn or develop the cutting techniques.

Based on the idea that learning should not be tied to a company, organization or brand.

The Ham Academy offers various training courses for all types of companies, groups of companies linked to the ham sector, but also companies from other sectors that want to carry out an experiential, innovative activity with their teams.

We offer independent courses and training all over the world. You have complete freedom to determine which ham we use and cut during the course. 

ham academy types of spanish ham training
Types of ham, jamon

We provide knowledge and train people independently. So that they can work with ham in an authentic way, master the cutting techniques and have sufficient knowledge with which they can understand the culture of the ham Spanish ham can spread.

At The Ham Academy we introduce you to all the types of ham that exist, and you learn based on the ham of your choice or the type of ham or brand you work with.

With over 10 years of experience in the Ham sector, our teachers are experts in the field of Spanish Ham and offer courses, training, master classes and training 'tailor-made' and on location to companies and organizations at an international level.

Theory course The Ham academy

Whether you are looking for basic training for your employees or advanced training for yourself or your customers, The Ham Academy can help.

We believe that training and education are essential to success in the ham industry and we are committed to helping you improve your skills and knowledge.


The Ham Academy offers flexible training solutions for ham suppliers and distributors.

We understand that it can be important for you and your customers to hold the training sessions on location and that is why we offer the possibility to hold the training sessions at your company or at your customers (restaurants, hotels, mayor trade or shops).

Types of ham, jamon

Up to date knowledge:

We keep abreast of the latest trends, techniques and developments in the world of Spanish ham, so that our students always learn from the most up-to-date and relevant information.

Practical training:

The Ham Academy provides hands-on training and hands-on experience with cutting techniques and pairings with wines and sherry, allowing students to practice and refine their skills in a realistic setting.

Small-scale classes:

The Ham Academy offers small-scale classes to ensure personal attention and guidance, so that each student gets the most out of the training and can develop his/her skills.


Interactive and engaging teaching methods:

We use a combination of theoretical and practical lessons, demonstrations and exercises to actively engage students and promote a deeper understanding of the subject.

Multilingual instruction:

We offer courses in multiple languages, making the Ham academy academy accessible to a wider range of professionals and lovers of Spanish ham from different countries and cultures.


Passion and dedication:

Our passion for Spanish ham and dedication to transferring the knowledge and skills to others makes our course an attractive choice for those looking for an inspiring and motivating learning experience.


Positive impact on companies:

The knowledge and skills our students gain can be directly applied in their professional environment, resulting in higher customer satisfaction, better product quality and ultimately more turnover for their companies.

We have extensive knowledge about Spanish ham. In the ham Academy we cover a wide range of Spanish ham types, including Ibérico, Serrano, Teruel DOP, IGP Trevélez and all Ibérico Dop's.

We are aimed at a broad target group: food service professionals, suppliers of ham chefs, catering employees and consumers, which means that the Ham Academy appeals to a wide range of students.


In addition to cutting techniques, we also offer training in legislation, processes from slaughter to maturation, conservation, profitability, consumption and serving advice.

Our Network of Professionals: Our partnerships with professionals who work directly or indirectly with ham, ham organizations, scientists, producers, cortadores and maestros cortadores from Spain and the National Association of Cortadores of Spain.