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Cortadora de Jamón for suppliers

In her role as an independent Cortador (a) and prescriber, Cati proudly represents brands and producers of Spanish ham and Italian prosciutto at trade fairs and events worldwide. 

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Cortadora for Jamón producers

Capa Negra

Consorcio de Jabugo

La Estrella del Jamón

DOP De Teruel Ham


Ibéricos since 1920

Estrella de Castilla

Ibéricos Calderon y Ramos

959 Ibérico

Consorcio de Jabugo

Señorio de Montanera

   Pdo Dehesa de Extremadura

¿Quieres que Cati represente tu marca y corte tu jamón internacionalmente?


Cortadora for Prosciutto crudo producers


Volete Cati Gómez, affettatrice di prosciutto, per le vostre fiere ed eventi e per rappresentare il vostro marchio di prosciutto a livello internazionale?


Ruliano Perex Suctum 

Prosciutto crudo Ruliano

Prosciutto crudi 

Ruliano IT – Riano di Langhirano 

La vostra marca di prosciutto qui?



As a professional ham cutter, “La cortadora” (female) and “el cortador” (male) is deeply rooted in Spanish culture and inextricably linked to Spanish hams such as Ibérico, Teruel DOP, IGP Trevélez and serrano ham.

Cortadora – Cortador

The box around the Spanish ham

A Cortador or Cortadora is a professional with extensive knowledge of all types of hams, who masters all cutting techniques and who carefully treats each ham and presents it to the public.


Cati Gómez, Cortadora Profesional de Jamón

“A touch of mastery, aromas and love in every slice of ham.”

In addition to the theoretical knowledge and practical skills that Cati has built up over the past 10 years, she adds the deep love and respect that I feel for the Spanish ham.

Cati stands out for her professionalism in all respects, her commitment and her ability to become an essential part of all the projects in which she participates.

As an independent Cortadora, she provides presentations, demos and Masterclasses on behalf of importers and suppliers of hams both in the Netherlands and in other countries.

Due to her independence, knowledge and respect for the product "ham", Cati is able to cut any ham and talk about it impartially.

Cati is representative, has good teaching skills, works customer-oriented, is flexible and has strong communication skills. In addition, she is loyal to every client. Every client receives the right attention and commitment from her.

She is a businesswoman in the Netherlands of Spanish descent and, in addition to Spanish, she also speaks Dutch and English.”

“I would love to work with you.”
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