“Sharing the stories of love & flavor behind the ham”
“Tastes and emotions”

The Lady of the Ham 

The Lady of the Ham” is a unique and distinctive concept that reflects what Cati Gómez means and what it encompasses as a professional in the ham sector.

In addition, it represents her vision, her knowledge and passion, as well as her ability to connect with the audience. This together with a deep respect for every ham and every brand and for the people behind every ham who, thanks to their work, make such a unique product possible and that Cati reflects and knows how to convey in every event and with every slice.

Her expertise in the world of ham is matched only by her enthusiasm for sharing it with others, and her refined approach to the craft is a testament to her commitment to quality and tradition.

“I am happy to help you discover the secrets of the ham world and enjoy a unique experience.”

¡hello! I am Cati Gomez, "The Lady of the Ham".

spanish embassy cortadora
spanish embassy cortadora

The Lady of the Ham, Cati Gómez is a charismatic businesswoman who embodies a unique blend of knowledge, talent, professionalism, elegance, love of all types of ham and unwavering passion.

Her ability to convey the stories and passion behind each ham and the people who produce it can help businesses connect emotionally with their customers and build strong bonds.

She has extensive experience in the sector, which makes her personalized solutions, advice and services can offer that are adapted to the needs of each customer.

Meet Cati Gómez, the masterful Ham carver who enriches the world of ham with her expertise and passion. Discover the world of ham with Cati and be seduced by the unparalleled taste experience she can create.

She is an independent professional with extensive knowledge of the product and cutting techniques with a unique vision to present the product at events and scholarships and highlight its strengths in the market.

Moreover, her approach is not only limited to technology and knowledge about the product; Cati also believes that the presentation of the ham itself is a form of art. That is why she has added her own stamp to her work, the feminine and elegant touch that goes well with any ham.

Every detail is taken care of down to the last detail, from advising or choosing the ham to cutting and presenting it, always with a refined presentation.

Cati Gomez cortadora de jamon the lady of the ham slicing iberico ham and all types of ham

The Lady of the Ham 

All in all, “The Lady of the Ham” is a concept that encompasses all this in the figure of a professional, knowledgeable, charismatic woman, with a great talent for engaging with the public and great sympathy and enthusiasm.

In short, if you are looking for someone who can guide you in the world of Spanish Jamón – ham or Italian prosciutto crudo, or if you simply want to enjoy good ham presented in an elegant and refined way, do not hesitate to Contact to record with Cati Gómez.

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