“I wish you the taste and the experience that I was able to experience as a child”

This video is a tribute to my family and my heritage, where the beginning of my story of love and respect for Spanish jamón – ham was forged. It is a reflection of a culture and tradition that has been transformed into art and has become an integral part of my life.

spanish embassy cortadora

Ham carver

The Spanish Cati Gómez is undoubtedly the most important ambassador of Spanish ham and has put the cortadora profession on the Dutch map at a high level. We do not know the profession of Cortador or Cortadora in the Netherlands, but in Spain it is a craft that is inextricably linked to Spanish culture and is highly respected. Ham carving is an art.

In 2013 she obtained her official title of 'Cortadora profesional de Jamón'. In the following years, she has managed to take her knowledge, both theoretically and practically, to an increasingly higher level through countless further training courses with and by Spanish master carvers.

This knowledge and her love for the product have ensured that various European producers and importers - of both Spanish ham and Italian prosciutto - have now found her to have their brand represented by Cati.

spanish embassy cortadora


Over the years, Cati has built up a very extensive network of suppliers and producers of Spanish products and in particular Spanish ham. By maintaining intensive contact with this network and regularly carrying out quality checks, she is an independent and professional advisor for entrepreneurs who want to work with Spanish products. Think of hotel owners, importers, hotels and restaurants.

For her, independent advice means that you receive advice where only your interests come first. Tailor-made advice in which she knows how to find a suitable product or application for all wishes. Suitable for your company or event. With all the necessary information regarding preservation, how to cut and process and how to make the product profitable.

As a real Spanish woman, she can be an important intermediary between your company and Spanish suppliers. Consider, for example, challenges in the areas of language and culture.

“Now after eleven years as an entrepreneur, I am so happy and proud that I have always remained 'commercially untied and independent' of other companies or brands. This impartiality allows me to give others honest and transparent advice.”

Educator and trainer

After all, Cati's pioneering spirit also resulted in the founding of the The Ham Academy

This is where all the expertise in the field of Spanish ham and the desire to transfer this knowledge to others come together.

Do you have a catering school or catering company and would you like to teach your students or staff all the ins and outs about the theory and practice of the production and processing of Spanish ham? Then the Ham Academy an excellent choice for you.

The Ham Academy is independent (so not 'brand-related), flexible (you determine the location) and 'up to date' (ensures you of the latest regulations and legislation in the field of production, conservation and presentation).

I am a passionate businesswoman in the Netherlands of Spanish descent, with more than ten years of experience in the fascinating world of Spanish Jamón, Spanish ham in general and Ibérico ham in particular.

Love moved me to the Netherlands, but my passion for Iberian ham has never disappeared. On the contrary, I decided to share these happy memories and flavors with the people around me, spreading the craft and tradition of Iberian ham in my new homeland.


My love and knowledge of ham started in my childhood, on my grandparents' farm in Huelva, Andalusia, where we raised Iberian pigs and grew hams according to ancient traditions. I grew up surrounded by these tastes and smells, and many of the hams we cured on the farm helped finance my high school and college education.

For me, Jamón (ham) is much more than a gastronomic jewel; it represents my culture, my roots, my history and brings back happy and unforgettable childhood memories.

hostess-spain-promocion-internacional International promotion of Spain at trade fairs and activities

My love for ham is just the beginning of my dedication to all things Spanish. Over the years I have had the privilege of working on various activities promoting Spain “with and without ham” and I have had the opportunity to represent Spain and meet many great people.

If you are an institution, a Spanish region or a brand interested in promotion in the Benelux and other countries, I am here to help you bring your message and your products to an international audience!


In addition to wanting to share my love for ham and everything it entails, I thought it was important to learn everything about ham and the different cutting techniques. So in 2013, I traveled to Spain to become a Cortador (a) Profesional de Jamón (professional ham cutter) and also took courses on events and strategies, after which I obtained both certificates.

Over the years I have grown in mastery and technique by taking various courses from Spanish maestros cortador (es), master carvers.


Over the past ten years I have expanded my expertise by attending courses, masterclasses and ham conferences, and by collaborating with various companies in different European countries. In addition, I have followed courses with other professionals involved in sensory analysis of ham and specialized courses in wine and sherry.

My education, knowledge and experience enable me to provide a high-quality service and share my passion with anyone who wants to discover the wonderful world of Spanish ham in the Netherlands and around the world.

Cati Gomez is an entrepreneur and cortadora de jamon profesional in the Netherlands. The female Cortdador

I like to share my knowledge with other people. Transferring knowledge like a master does. I don't feel like a "Maestra Cortadora", a master carver, but rather an enthusiastic student in constant evolution.


I invite you to join me on this journey to discover and celebrate everything that makes Spain a treasure to the world. Take today Contact join me to explore how we can work together and bring the essence of Spanish Jamón and of Spain beyond our borders.