The female Cortador: The Cortadora

“Cortadora” is the female version of the Cortador (ham cutter). Both are the professional behind the Spanish Ham. And Spanish subject.

The rise of women in Spain started about 10 years ago. 

The rise of women in this world is mainly due to the efforts of Loli Dominquez, winner of many competitions. She showed that women can create the same opportunities as their male colleagues.

Silvia García is the absolute best in this world. She became known for her skills and won several awards at national and international level.

Other well-known Cortadoras are:

Laura Polvillo from Camas (Seville), Raquel Acosta Quintanilla from Madrid, Belen Silla Sanchis from Albacete, Maria del Carmen Morales from Ciudad Real, Mari Carmen Nagera from Baeza (Jaen)

Olga Benavides from Librillo (Murcia), Lidia Muñoz from Bilbao, Silvia Andrada from Salamanca, Manuela López Jiménez from Valencia, Paqui Muñoz Eija from Lucena (Córdoba), Zulima Esteban from Madrid, Silvia de La Marca from Madrid, Cristina Hernández from Málaga, Ángela Ruíz from La Palmas de Gran Canaria, Almudena Rendón Delgado from Chiclana de la Frontera (Cádiz), Luz María Zamorano from Cuenca and Cati Gómez from Huelva and living in Papendrecht (Netherlands).

In the Netherlands Cati Gómez a pioneer in this field. She has done a lot to introduce the profession in a professional manner. And she showed that a Cortador or Cortadora is an independent professional with knowledge, respect and love about the product and not a ham salesman.


Citation source: Clemente Gómez