Events with Spanish ham and Sherry.


Cortadora & Venenciadora.

Two Spanish trained professionals. Two taste sensations.

Spanish ham (ibérico, pata negra or serrano) sliced live by a Cortadora and sherry poured live from the barrel by a Venenciadora

 Cortadora Professional or cortador profesional de jamón is a traditional Spanish craft. For more than 20 years, the Spanish ham has been cut with a knife at events by a Cortador or Cortadora. Cati Gómez is the only female Cortadora Profesional (professional ham cutter) in the Netherlands.

Cati Gómez As a professional ham cutter, he is a member of AGACUJ (global association of friends of the ham), a member of the National Association of Cortadores of Spain (ANCJ) and a member of the Official Association of Cortadores in Huelva.

Venenciadora is one of the oldest and most traditional crafts found in the Jerez region. Since sherry has been traded, it has always been necessary to test its quality experimentally.

The venenciadora works with a “venencia”, the most useful instrument within the bodega to serve the wine by pouring it into the glass or tasting glass from a height that can sometimes reach one meter or even more.

In its long fall from the drinking vessel to the tasting cup, the wine oxidizes and “breaks” in the glass, releasing all its aromas and shades.

Fabiola Bonke from Spanje Totaal is one of the two still active Venenciadores (in the Netherlands), who have been trained and certified by the Consejo Regulador (the Sherry Institute in Spain). Together they provide an exclusive combination of passion, craftsmanship and taste at your event.

Cortadora & Venenciadora – Cati & Fabiola are happy to demonstrate their craftsmanship at your event or party and let Spanish ham and sherry play the leading role.