A new year begins for me with much joy and happiness. I'm really looking forward to working and collaborating, to keep learning and to cut better and more beautifully.
I am convinced that the Ibérico ham deserves not only the best podiums but also YOUR cuisine.
This special product is the result of the joint effort and passion of many people and material resources in Spain (producers, pig farmers, veterinarians, official institutions, associations, etc.).
I believe that Ibérico ham deserves more than the term "Pata negra" (no more and no less than the color of the leg of Ibérico pigs and not a mark of quality according to Spanish law) and that this special ham comes from the special pig breed “La raza Ibérica” have the right to be cut with love and respect.
Anyone can learn to cut, after that it is just a matter of time and a lot of practice.
But cutting at an event, fair, restaurant, supplier or audience is different. As a professional, you ensure that the Ibérico product becomes the “star”, get the ham up to temperature, clean it, slice it thinly, keep the workplace clean, straight and beautifully presented on the plate. Provide explanations and information.
The many assignments and positive ratings of last year only prove to me that many companies and the public in the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Germany appreciate this way of working.
That's my way of working. I am looking forward to the new challenges and assignments in 2016.

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