Delicacies import

Delicacies import. On my travels to Spain I am always looking for unique delicacies from small producers who work with heart and soul on their product works. Products with a story. My finds are available to consumers at delis, restaurants and wine shops;


My Spanish delicacies are a unique business and end-of-year gift for entrepreneurs.

 Please contact me if you would like to give a truly distinctive promotional gift.

Selected by Cati Gómez

I offer some of the delicacies that I import under my own label 'Selected by Cati Gómez'. These exclusive products have a very special taste and a very high quality. I am proud of my personal selection to deliver to restaurants, private hotels.

Products under the label 'Selected by Cati Gómez' can be found on the website

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 La Dehesa de Los Monteros





Ibérico ham with a signature. Of pure Iberian variety. Bellota 100% ibérico or Pata negra hams.

Limited editions: all the hams have their own identification number.

The secret of La Dehesa de los Monteros lies in the trust in a unique personal project, a dream and a passion. 

All the 100% pure breed Ibérico pigs are bred in the Genal Valley (Serranía de Ronda, Málaga).

The chestnut, the perfect complement to the acorn

And very exclusive and surprising ham.

La Estrella del Jamón



*La Estrella del Jamón is affiliated with the DOP (BOB) Teruel.

Teruel is the only PDO of white ham varieties in Spain.

Quality and taste. Made with little salt.

The artisanal process and aging in the natural cellar ensure that their nutritional and organoleptic properties are preserved, reminiscent of the taste of the best ham of the past.

The natural dryers, located in the provinces of Teruel (Monreal del Campo) and Zaragoza (Fuendetodos and Cuarte de Huerva), have been specially chosen for their geographical and climatic conditions. The cold and dry air of these places make them ideal places to cure the ham in a slow and long-lasting way.

*These products can be found in all Hanos branches





Jamon Iberico

Jamón Dop Los Pedroches (Villanueva de Córdoba, Córdoba)

Jamones Era Alta is the dream of Antonio Cano, a young Iberian pig farmer and the third generation of the family tradition in the Dehesas of Villanueva de Córdoba, Córdoba (Andalusia)

The care and love for purebred Ibérico (Iberian) pigs that live in freedom and feed on acorns and grasses in the Dehesas Del Valle de Los Pedroches.

Jamón, Ham and Paleta shoulder with quality bellota and with PDO stamp and also sausages such as lomo, salami, chorizo.

Products made in a traditional way, according to family tradition, with quality and a heart.

This company is affiliated with the DOP (BOB) Los Pedroches. One of the four BOB for the Iberico.

Hams produced under this stamp are a guarantee from the EU for you as a consumer.

This European rating and protection system that relates to the quality policy for agricultural products and foodstuffs.

ERA ALTA guarantees the maximum quality in 100% Ibérico bellota ham through its direct presence in all production phases.


Jamones EIRIZ Jabugo SL





Company affiliated with the DOP(BOB) Jabugo

Essence of the Iberian race. Quality and pure breed

The three pillars of quality of Jamones EIRIZ products:

*Raw material , 100% pure Iberian pigs, which accumulate fat under the skin, infiltrate muscles, thanks to daily exercise in the pastures, changed the Iberian pig feeding protein, phosphorus, calcium in addition to iron, polyunsaturated fatty acids such as olive oil and vitamins B1 and B2 .

*Feeding: 1 hectare per animal, in our own pastures of the Sierra de Aracena Natural Park, covered with montanera in selected farms.

*Healing: only sea salt, natural drying and months of maturation with love and patience.