Maestra Cortadora

“The Spanish ham is not just a delicacy, it’s a story… May I tell you The Story?” ©

Maestra Cortadora®


Maestra Cortadora®

Maestra Cortadora – Cati Gómez is the educator and Spanish Ham specialist (Ibérico, mean, Serrano).

It shows and taste what the essence of the Ham is. Maestra Cortadora give training, presentations, lessons, master classes, workshops at horeca training, businesses and consumers.

It is my mission to as Maestra Cortadora to inspire people and excited about the Spanish ham and everything around it. Every day I learn even more about this delicious product and all this knowledge I give gladly by. So that as many people as possible to the real story. A story involving my Spanish background, my experiences and courses/studies and great passion for Spanish ham come together. Of the Genesis to the significance and possibilities of this pure product in today's gourmet world.

Are you looking for a Maestra Cortadora with excellent teaching skills, not to mention a big heart for the Spanish ham? With Cati Gomez retrieve a special combination of knowledge, experience and passion within!

CATI Gómez-Maestra Cortadora as guest lecturer

Education at hospitality training

My knowledge about Spanish ham wear I also like about young people who study at horeca-training.
In one or more classes / master classes let me see and taste what the essence of the Spanish ham is.
What are the different qualities there are and how you can determine on the basis of origin.
The way the ham should be cut in a professional way.
All course material provided by apprentice chefs or pupils in Ministry be found interesting.

Also for the training to Gastronome and/or sommelier are my lessons of added value.


Below you can see some examples of Maestra Cortadora services

Guest lecture at a hospitality training

Juror Cortadores contest in Los Pedroches

Guest lecturer Spanish Ham at horeca school

Master class pairing Spanish ham & wine

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