The reactions of my customers are the best gift for my work”

What customers say about Cati

I recommend without a doubt Cati Gómez, she is an excellent ambassador for Iberian ham in Europe. For more than eight years we have been working with Cati in the development of our brands in Central Europe and always with very good results. Her professionalism and professional development in all these years we have seen her love for Consorcio de Jabugo's Iberian ham is evident, as well as her knowledge of the product and her perfection of ham cutting, Cati is a very empathetic person who cares about the customer reaches. This, together with her fluency in Dutch, Spanish and English, makes it much easier to convey the virtues of the ham to consumers.

Juan Luis Galvan

Deputy General Manager, Consorcio de Jabugo SL

Cati stands out for her professionalism in all aspects, her involvement and her ability to become an essential part of all the projects in which she participates.

Cati is involved as if she were just another person in our company. Her extensive knowledge, both of ham as a product and of the business sector in Spain and Western Europe, makes her an indispensable partner when it comes to opening markets in Europe and promoting our products.

Cati's ability to connect with people and transfer her vast knowledge ensures that projects can be carried out with guaranteed success.

In addition, her broad vision of the world of ham and her experience as a trader in the Netherlands and other European countries are a formula that make her a business driver.

Our experience with Cati Gómez has always been 10 out of 10 in all the projects we have worked with her on.

Noelia Gomez Moreda

CEO , Sierra Palomera SL - Mariano Gómez SA

My overall experience with Cati is truly unsurpassed. From the first collaboration to the last, there was always a great professional relationship and common values and philosophy, which is indispensable in today's world of ham. It is always a pleasure to work with professionals like Cati Gómez, who defend the ham sector and give it the importance it deserves.

What I remember most about working with Cati is the great professionalism in her work, dedication, perseverance, enthusiasm… and when it comes to cutting, neatness, adapting to the situation/market, decorative details on the table… but above all her great enthusiasm to expand the ham worldwide and specifically in the Netherlands where it is already the reference as a slicer and prescriber of ham.

I would like to highlight her honesty, humility and professionalism along with the aforementioned enthusiasm she puts into every activity she undertakes.

I would definitely recommend Cati. In addition to the above, we have a great personal bond of friendship that unites us, and this is thanks to the world of ham. Thanks to this sector and the fact that we share the same values and principles, everything runs perfectly at a professional level. There is no doubt that her services are highly commendable, but Cati Gómez is even more so as a person.


Felipe Gonzalez

Export Manager, Fisan ibericos

Our general experience with Cati Gómez's services is very positive. She is aalways goEd is prepared and gets to work right away

HThe most remarkable thing about our experience with Cati as a professional ham slicer and prescriber is the good knowledge about the products from Andalusia, and the clear explanation that they give to the consumer.

We recommend Cati to others. She is the right person to share the knowledge about the beautiful products of the Ibérico with others.

Albert Ensing - Jack Loermans

Director of Purchasing and Production, Van der Zee - Partner of HANOS

We have had the opportunity to work with Cati Gómez several times. Cati is a professional and charming ham cutter who gives our guests a special experience.

Cati is a qualitative addition to a high-end event. She gives her special hams an extra dimension.

We would definitely recommend Cati Gómez to others, she is great professional, reliable and goes for quality.

Working with Cati is always a pleasure! 

Henry and Laurens van der Loo

Owners, Van der Loo

It was a pleasure to have Cati Gómez with us during the METEC fair (in Düsseldorf, Germany).

She was definitely a great added value to our booth. Her service was great and the ham and cheese she supplied us with were excellent.

Our customers were happy and so were we!

Marina Chiavegatto

Communications Department, RUSSULA

Cati Gómez is a pleasure to work with. We can always rely on her, her professionalism, customer friendliness and hospitality are unsurpassable. We always look forward to welcoming her back to enjoy our guests!

In addition to her excellent professionalism and knowledge of her profession, Cati is also an example of the well-known Spanish hospitality!

She is very professional, passionate about her profession and very hospitable.

I absolutely recommend Cati!

Paul Cordier

Managing Partner, COGIVA Group


mujeres del jamon during the lecture in the university of cordoba

Ham Woman 2018

A very nice moment in her career was when she was chosen in 2018 as one of the 'women of the ham world' together with other professional women working in this sector. Cati as an entrepreneur, Cortadora de Jamón and importer in the Netherlands, she gave a presentation at the University of Córdoba about her experience and role as women working in the ham sector.

spanish embassy cortadora


Agacuj is a non-profit association founded in Cádiz and a reference point in Spain in the world of ham, responsible for protecting the culture of ham and shoulder ham. Founded by a wide variety of professionals from the ham sector: breeders, producers, veterinarians, cortadores, centifiers, teachers, researchers, etc.

Cati has been an active member of the Board of Directors of AGACUJ since 2016 since 2017. In the year 2023, the old board headed by Chairman Clemente completed its mandate. Shortly afterwards, a small group of dedicated members decided to continue with this great project and a new board was presented with Roberto Santalla as chairman and was ratified in elections during the meeting.
The current board of directors of Agacuj: Roberto Santalla chairman, Rosa Garcia Valverde, secretary, Jose Miguel Larrañaga vice-chairman, Emiliano de Pedro, Jose Damian Martinez, Cati Gómez.

spanish embassy cortadora

National Association of Ham Cutters - ANCJ

In addition to being a member and Ham Slicer of the ANCJ, National Association of Ham Slicers of Spain, Cati has been a member of the association's management team since 2019. She is responsible for the projects and innovation department.

This non-profit association is the only official international association of professional ham cutters and is responsible for holding the Spanish Ham Cutting Championships and for training professional ham cutters.

Cati Gómez as jury member of the Cortadores competition

Jury member of the Cortadores de Jamón 2017 competition