“The Spanish Ham is not just a delicacy, it's a story, I will tell you the story” Cati Gómez

“Let me take you on a culinary journey through my story and experience the magic of Spanish ham, which has been an integral part of my life since I can remember. Together we will discover the taste and tradition behind each slice and share happy moments that connect us through culture and gastronomy. ¿Vamos?”



I wish you the taste and experience that I had as a child!


The Spanish Jamón brings back memories that make me happy. I like to share this happy experience from my youth with others. I learned about Spanish Ibérico ham at an early age, at my grandfather and grandmother's farm. I was born and raised in Spain and came to the Netherlands through love.

Cati Gómez entrepreneur Spanish ham connoisseur

I thought, how wonderful it would be to pass on the knowledge and love for Spanish Jamón in the Netherlands and other countries! I thought it was important to introduce the art of traditional carving in the Netherlands, as it is done everywhere in Spain for every event or occasion. Such a special and artisanal product deserves to be carved with love and respect. That's why I traveled to Spain to take various courses; Course Cortadora profesional de Jamón, Events and strategies at Escuela Internacional del Jamón.

 My company was founded in 2013 from this passion; Cati Gómez. I have combined my Spanish passion and temperament with the business effectiveness of the Dutch. No “mañana” for me, an agreement is an agreement!

I only acquired my expertise later. I followed and am following many studies, courses and gained a lot of work experience. I now represent Spanish Jamón internationally.

I knew that wouldn't be easy; starting a profession that does not exist here in the Netherlands and which is practiced in large numbers by men in my country “A woman with knives”.

With passion, craftsmanship, perseverance and belief in my mission, I get a little further every time.

I have extensive knowledge of all types of Spanish Ham and their production areas. I am well aware of the specific Spanish legislation surrounding the production of ham.
As Cortadora, I have of course mastered all the ham cutting techniques and can transfer these to others where necessary.





 As an entrepreneur, independent advisor, Cortadora de Jamón and “prescriptora”, I bring people and companies together in a tasteful way. I do this with a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm

As an independent consultant in the field of ham, Cortadora de Jamón (ham cutter) and prescriptor I work with many brands and with all types of Spanish ham (jamón) and of course also with hams from other countries (Italian Prosciutto).

I know both cultures, languages and mentalities and am able to bring people together with the Spanish jamón as a connecting factor. I like to think along and translate wishes and conditions for my customers. Always look for improvements and anticipate to avoid problems.

 Now almost ten years after hard work and always staying untethered from other companies, I am very satisfied with the path I have chosen. All this time I have remained independent and have never been commercially associated with manufacturers, suppliers or any brand. I never have one ham seller want to become. I wanted to go further, learn, advise, transfer my knowledge.

I enjoy working with other companies and professionals but always maintain my independence and neutrality. As a result, I have been able to advise and help many companies in the sector that produce or work with Spanish ham.

As Cortadora I provide demos and cut the ham on the leg in the traditional way (with a knife instead of a cutting machine).

Spanish ham course and training

I really enjoy learning and sharing my knowledge!
Especially when it comes to the world around Spanish ham.
That is my passion and I want to know everything about it.
I enjoy using my knowledge, both in theory and in practice.

I enjoy it most when I can share my knowledge. It makes me happy and I learn more from it every time.
Speaking about my passion also gives me great satisfaction and energy.

My mission is to inspire people and make them enthusiastic about this fantastic product with a special history.

As a Cortadora Profesional de jamón, I have excellent didactic skills, I have a healthy sense of responsibility, I am flexible, have sufficient persuasiveness and can therefore inspire people.

Course the ham academy 

I believe that there are hams of different qualities, types, production and preparation methods and with different prices, which adapt to the great diversity of people and therefore to different tastes, needs and budgets. They are different hams that can be eaten on different occasions and at different times. For me it is important to know clearly which ham suits your customers best and which ham suits you.

     For whom?


  • Is your company organizing a trade fair, event or business meeting?    I provide a meeting place and interaction with the taste experience of Spanish jamón. I cut the Ham with a knife, in a traditional way, and tell the stories behind the Ham. This can also be combined with wines or sherry selected by me.
  • Are you an importer or supplier of Spanish haam? I provide independent advice and provide demos and training to customers and your staff. 
  • Are you a catering school or catering company and would you like to teach your students or staff the theory and practice of the production and processing of Spanish Ham? Then the Ham Academy a suitable choice.