iberico products


Traceability is essential to identify, trace and locate the origin of each product or part in the production chain. So also in the Ibérico sector is very important.
 Since April 1, 2014, all livestock farmers and all companies wishing to produce Iberian pigs must register in the Traceability and Quality System for Iberian Pigs (ITACA).
The registration allows the products obtained from these animals to be recognized and identified within the framework of the quality standard (norma del ibérico 04/2014).
For this registration, the **REGA of the holding must be completed with the details of the owner, the control body with which he collaborates, the number of breeding animals on each holding, grouped by sex and breed, and the number of non-breeding animals on the holding .
**REGA (Registro general de explotaciones ganaderas): The general register of livestock farms linked to the Directorate General of Livestock of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Spain.