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Cati Gómez the independent expert on Ibérico.[/caption] Cati Gómez the independent expert on Ibérico.

Iberico connoisseur
My television debut on Dutch television! NPO 
After almost 10 years of hard, serious and independent work.
Learned a lot and gained knowledge about all types of Spanish Jamón and in particular the Ibérico ham and pork. 
All this time I have remained independent and have never been commercially associated with manufacturers, suppliers or any brand.
#Inspection Service for Value ResearchThis time, check the purity of Ibérico meat from Spain, including what is stated on the labels.
A critical program where any ambiguity about a product is properly highlighted and preferably the 'truth' comes to light.
I like to provide information and offer education for enthusiasts and specialists who want to work with Ibérico. And for the first time to a media channel.
I therefore found it very interesting and also quite exciting what the program would show and say. 
I realized during the broadcast that many confusing terms are used. This does not help to present something clearly to the consumer
Is clarity actually a goal when it comes to marketing?
To be honest, I was left with mixed feelings after watching the entire broadcast.
>> Glad that there is attention for the product that has occupied me professionally for almost 10 years.  
>> Too much remains unclear to me and I wonder whether the consumer has now become wiser.
From mixed feelings to inspiration to share my knowledge through my network on LinkedIn. 
 In the coming time I will explain the different terms and facets of the Ibérico pig and Jamón step by step.
Have you seen the broadcast and do you have any questions? Follow me or let me know that you want the information.
I will start with the piece that was discussed on my behalf in the broadcast and place this in the correct context...
I told the reporter about the number of Ibérico pigs bred in the 2021 campaign in the different categories and under the Ibérico Quality Standard (from data from the registers of the quality standards traceability system of #ASICI, the Interprofessional Association of Ibérico Pig)
 Ibérico pigs (of 100%, 75% or 50% breed) under category bellota and therefore fed in the pasture with acorns and grasses, represented 18% of the total number of Ibérico pigs bred in Spain (not the total number of pigs slaughtered) = 697,162 pigs
Of this percentage of 12%, 100% Ibérico were pure breed (from mother and father 100% Ibérico) = 456,405 pigs. 
The other 6% were 75% and 50% Ibérico breed. 
 The total number of Iberian pigs bred in the different categories: Bellota, Cebo de campo, Cebo was 3,803. 372
I have collected all the data in tables, I hope it is enlightening.