Teacher Course Cut Ham in Spain

Prodeo Teacher Course Hamsnijden in Spain

As I mentioned in previous posts have mentioned, I am a member of a Spanish Association over the Ham world, an association formed by people who protect the culture of the ham and bespreiden: AGACUJ.

One of the activities we run every year since then from the Department of social action, is a charitable course.

More than 150 people are coming together in a winery in Chiclana de la Frontera (Cádiz) to learn to cut ham.

During 4 days we have very enriching experiences and we share very special moments with all the people who attend the course and all colleagues we meet there, speakers, monitors and lovers of this sector.

Some professional Cortadores by AGACUJ, If teachers work together on this valuable initiative and this training support with our experience and knowledge. All the funds we donate to the Association that we bring together the Reyes Magos Chiclana for the No Child Without campaign toys.

In the following video you can see one of the times when I the explanation to my students the importance of leaving enough fat in the leg when cleaning the ham, the importance of the stability of the ham because it offers us safety when cutting ham and how to insert the blades to make it neat and comfortable.

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