Jamón y Arte

Cortadora & Duo Flamenco Luna y Vicente

Singer Luna Zegers, Guitarist Vicente Santiago & Cati Gómez, Cortadora,Take you on a journey through the country of Jamón Y Arte!

Spanish Passion, Spanish Jamón and musicality brought together in a whirling concert that takes you to the Mediterranean South.

A concert by Luna and Vicente is an experience. The warm sounds of Luna's voice and the fiery accompaniment of Vicentan's guitar find each other in their quest for Duende.

Both are flamenco artists with years of experience at the International Theatre- and concert venues. They act with their own performances, But are also committed to events, Galas, Faith- or company parties, and other occasions.

During the gig become live Spanish ham carved by Cati Gómez, Professional Cortadora.

A special way to immerse yourself in Spanish culture!


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