Cortadora Profesional

“Carving Ham it’s not a woman thing or a man thing. It’s just a professional thing”. Cati Gómez


The profession around the ham.

The Cortador (male) and Cortadora (female) the business of hamcarver is deeply rooted in the Spanish culture and inextricably linked to Serrano and Ibérico hams as.
The last 15 years there has been a culture change that caused the box itself ever more developed to a full specialist profession.
Therefore, we see an increasingly Cortador at trade shows, during demonstrations, and on gastronomic competitions, where he's proud his hams, cutting skills and board layout presents.

Also in the personal atmosphere at events such as parties and weddings is the distinctive to a have a demonstration or Cortador Cortadora includes a nice plate presentation and to the guests to enjoy the taste of Spanish ham.

Cati Gómez, Cortadora Profesional in Netherlands

Ham cutting on event Cortadora Cati Gómez

Event Port Of Rotterdam.
Photos by Ries Villarreal

Cati Gómez is a cortadora profesional(Professional hamcarver) with the title of Maestra Cortadora (Master Carver). She is currently the only female professional hamsnijdster with the title in Netherlands.

She works independent, works with her self choosen ham, but also offers presentations voor import companies and suppliers of Spanish ham (iberico, serrano) or italianse ham like Prosciutto Di parma or San Danielle. , Ibérico, black leg, Serrano, Prosciutto.
Through her independence and her knowledge, she is able to present each kind of ham .

Cati is available for ham companies as a hamcarver during fairs, demonstrations and events, all over Europe.

It let them see the various cutting techniques of the ham and give formation to professionals and consumers about the product and its origin.

Cati has good teaching skills, has a sense of responsibility, works customer-oriented, is flexible, possession conviction and is loyal to the client which stands for quality.

Cati Gómez has worked for include the following clients:

Consorcio de Jabugo, Slagerij Van der Zee (Hanos), Gastro Import C&E in Sweden, Di Gennaro in Cologne, Lindner in Hamburg, Señorio de Montanera and Encinares del Sur, Ruliano Italy (Parma producer).

Knowledge and skills of a Cortador – Cortadora

A Cortador – Cortadora is a box for more than 25 year.

Because the training is given to Cortador or Cortadora in Spanish and no Spanish-language curriculum, the hamcarver (required) Cortadora Cortador or the Spanish language.

There is a big difference between attending a training to cortador or cortadora and following a course hamsnijden.
A training carving ham can man doen at a course in Spain in about 6 hours the basic technique of the hamsnijden. For the training to Cortador are more skills and knowledge needed and another institution. A number of examples:

• A Cortadora Cortador or has broad knowledge of all Spanish hams, m. b. t. processes, structure and treatment.
• He mastered all the carving techniques, as thin slices, right carving, to cut to the bone.
• He works clean and hygienic.
• He mastered all Board presentatietechnieken (the signs must be well groomed and attractive).
• He must be independent. He is not hamverkoper but the professional that the ham carefully treats and presents to the public.

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