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” Be happy learning what I teach and transmitting what I feel ” ©

Cati Gómez, Cortadora Profesional – Professional Hamcarver – and Ambassador of the Spanish ham in The Netherlands.


Cati Gómez. The love for Spanish ham and, in particular, Ibéricoham is from childhood in my blood. As a Spanish girl I grew up with Ibérico and at the farm of my grandparents I learned a lot about it. After the Netherlands called love me, I noticed that the knowledge about Ibérico in Netherlands was not large. I have me when the goal to my knowledge and love for Ibéricoham to pass in Netherlands.

Therefore I followed various courses in Spain, including those of Cortadora Profesional de Jamón, as a result, the achievement of the title Maestra Cortadora, Master Carver.

Here in the Netherlands, I would like to taste and transfer the experience of Spanish ham as I've experienced as a child in Spain and that from this passion is my company.

The ham connects me with Spain, but also with The Netherlands. It's a great nice and tasteful product that makes me happy. My happiness and my knowledge on the ham, I would like to share with you. Soon enjoy the Spanish Ham at your party or event?. Contact Cati Gómez.

My mission is Be happy learning what I teach and transmitting what I feel..

I'm happy in what I teach (the process of learning, I get course, read books, share knowledge with other colleagues) and also in transferring my knowledge to others, including by giving lessons.

I get a lot of satisfaction from preparing lessons, of the study and of transferring my knowledge. When process is me happy. The luck, my passion and love for the profession and for the product, and the feelings about it part I like with you.

Who is Cati Gómez.

From Spain to Netherlands moving is not easy. I myself know of. even if the reason love is inevitable the grief.
The first months were heavy. I was my family, friends, the Sun, my country, my area. Heavy was also the uncertainty that I felt because I did not speak the language and because I could get no job, Despite the qualifications that I had. But, I was not silent and thereby the time went fast.
I learned Dutch while I worked as cleaning lady. In the meantime I was mother of two little children and I developed me to pedagogical staff on Intek. That I have almost 10 years.
It was interesting years in which I learned a lot in a lot of people have come to know. My dream came true when I started my own business and that after my 40 e !
With my Company Cati Gómez work I as a Cortadora Profesional (Professional hamsnijdster) and Ambassador of the Spanish Ham in Netherlands.
By now, I have love and respect for two countries, two flags and two cultures. I am grateful for this beautiful country Netherlands, where I feel at home, were I fee happy and have the posibility to work and to continue developing..

Training and Knowledge

CATI Gómez is an independent Professional in Spain trained Cutter. In addition to professional hamsnijden she presentations on behalf of producers and suppliers and shall inform Ibéricoham about her knowledge on to businesses and consumers.


My first training I have followed in 2013 to the International School of Ham cutters to Jaen, where I'm training Cortadora profesional de Jamón successfully completed have.


With the completion of the strategy components and events I titled Maestra Cortadora achieved, which stands for Master cutter.

Then I made als a Cortadora profesional several specialization courses:

  • Course ham at a plate serving with master Virgilio Sánchez.
  • Master classes and courses with Maestro Juan A. Pérez.
  • Basic course wine SDEN 2 + diploma at The Wine Institute.
  • Course and diploma social hygiene (Hospitality Education Foundation)
  • Training days in Aracena (Huelva) theory and practice with the Association of Professionals of Huelva. Theory taught by D. Francisco Rivero Aparicio, veterinarians go from the Iberian standard.
  • Course in Chiclana (4 days) organized by AGACUJ.
  • Master classes met the next Master Cutters: Pedro J. Pérez Casco, Pablo Montiel, Jose Angel Muñoz, Fran Robles.


Cati Gómez is a member of:


AGACUJ Is a Spanish Association for the protection in the promotion of the Spanish Ham from forelimb in Composed is bad 175 professionals in different sectors around from experts ham.

  • Member since september 2016 included in one of the working teams.
  • In February 2017 chosen as Director of the Department of international relations.

ANCJ (National Association of Hamsnijders)

As a member of ANCJ you have extensive knowledge about the product as hamsnijder the cutting techniques.

  • Member since 2016.


AOCJ (Association of Hamcarvers from Huelva)

  • Member since 2015.

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