Selected at Cati Gómez.

Do you want to buy a ham holder and don't know which one to choose?

What functions should the holder have it? What should the holder meet?

In my years of experience as a Cortadora and trainer in the ham cutting course I have worked with many ham owners.

I have selected these ham holders for you.

Do you have any questions?

Prices and ordering can be done by e-mail at Cati Gómez:


Afinox ham holders

ham holders Hamholder Afinox Model X Primus

The design of the Afinox X-ham holder with primus head offers a beautiful work tool, Light, Compact, Firmly, safe and highly functional, offering many benefits.

The base is made of stainless steel with a vibrating effect. It is designed in the form of an X that can be folded up and takes up a minimum of space.

Its usefulness, mobility and beauty will make the owner proud and content to own this beautiful and exclusive ham holder.

Hamholder Afinox Model Primus

The main part of the Afinox Primus ham holder is made of pure steel, making it a solid, minimalist and highly functional cutting tool is. The basis is silestone (rich in different colours).

The ham holder can be swung up and down to cut or show the ham.

The turn-head system -also made of stainless steel- the ham can be rotated around its axis. The clamp screw for the ham and the grab points on the head provide a safe and powerful system that ensures a great firmness of the ham.



Jamotec ham holders

Hamholder JamotecJamotec Model F2+Rocker

Ham holder accessory JamotecJamotec Model F2 Rocker


Hamholder Jamotec

Jamotec Model JP Luxury



Jamotec Model JP

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